Useful information about tires

On this page you will find useful information about tires. What is the European Tire Label? What is the difference between radial and bias tires? Which EM tire for which vehicle? Which studs for my tractor? You can find this and other useful information on this page.

Here you will find useful knowledge about tires!

Diagonal tires or radial tires?

Learn more about the terms of diagonal and radial tires and decide which is the right one for your vehicle based on the advantages and disadvantages of both tires!

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Tire size table old-new

You want to buy new agricultural tires but your tires have an old tire designation? Use this table to find out what tire size means on your tires.


Find out the load index of your tire

The load index indicates the maximum permissible load per tire. With this conversion table you can read the coding and determine the load index in kilograms.



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